A Curse and a Blessing

Drawing 2I’ve been on a mini-vacation of sorts. Not a traditional vacation, mind you. You see, my computer kept working slower and slower until I had no choice but to take it to a repair shop. Now, the last time I had a computer in for fixing, I felt like I’d dropped off my child for two days. What would I do without my computer? What would I do during my down time now?  It’s amazing to me. How did I become so dependent on something I didn’t even grow up with?

Before taking my computer in, I’d been revising a manuscript and was at a good place to stop. I saved everything important and was ready to wait for the repair to take place. While I waited, I used my husband’s laptop to check my email and my blog site. On my Kindle Fire, I was able to check Facebook. So, I was hardly destitute.

By this time in my life, I’ve learned that there is always a silver lining in the difficult things that come my way. The silver lining came in realizing something important about myself. When I wasn’t at work, I was thinking about writing, or not writing, or figuring out when I could write. I looked at the calendar and wondered how much time an event would take and when I’d have enough time to start writing again.

With my newfound freedom, I went shopping with my sister. This was the first time in a while that I felt like I was free to enjoy myself because I couldn’t go home and write. There’s a freedom in this, you know.

This past year, I’d not read as many books as in years past. I used some spare time to read a few of my author friends’ books.

Sure, I feel a freedom of sorts after each manuscript is finished. I probably take a good month off from writing at that time. But it’s different, it’s not because I can’t write it’s because I’m at a place of transition.

My husband asked me how I felt now that my computer was fixed and back home. I believe he thought I would be relieved and as happy as I was the last time my computer had a tune up. But, I didn’t know how to answer him. I stammered, and couldn’t quite find the words to match my feeling. Of course it was good to have my computer back because I need it, and it’s in good shape now.

A writer is not like the person who comes home from work and forgets his job for the evening or the weekend. A writer is thinking about what lays ahead in the story, or the next one he will start. We have no freedom to do things with our time, without sacrificing the story we want to write. It is a balancing act to be sure, one most of us are not very good at. It’s a curse and a blessing. The blessing is that when we do write, we are at our happiest.

Mary Vine



by Mary VineContemporary

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Russian beauty Ulianna is determined to make the American dream hers. When a magazine offers the perfect story to launch her writing career, she travels across Oregon to see how wolf and cowboy mix. As she finds her spirit guide in the wolf and her soul mate in handsome cattle rancher Jackson Holt, a mysterious danger seems bent on finding her.

Re-edited and re-released March 15, 2016!

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I’m Officially a Publisher Now

Print Emma  CoverMolly print cover







Velma Parker’s books are out now, making me a book publisher. Take note she did the illustrations, too. Brenna Tedesco put in the color. You can find them in e-book and print editions on Amazon.com.



Wearing a New Hat

ballpointpenOn Monday, October 19, 2015, I signed a contract making me (Melland Publishing, LLC) the publisher for new author Velma Parker. I am very excited as I begin work on her two children’s books, EMMA COMES THROUGH and MOLLY’S MONKEYSHINES.


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