Coming Soon!

ballpointpenLooking at the end of 2017 for the release of the second book in my Gold Club Series, called GOLDBRICK. The fiction novel is a time travel from 2017 to 1870. The setting is Bourne, OR as was my novella, Wanting Moore, set in 1866. At that time the town was called Cracker, OR.

After this book, I plan on writing the last book in the Gold Club Series and then another children’s book involving a dragon named Gilby.


The new book is finished! Whew! It’s a trip back to Salisbury Junction, re-visiting some of the characters of Maya’s Gold and A Place to Land. The hero is an FBI agent looking for a terrorist and the heroine is restoring her family’s motel. It is called: SNAKE RIVER RENDEZVOUS.

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