Another Reason To Buy An E-book

Recently, my husband said I should get a new Kindle Fire, the one with the larger screen and the capability to be online anywhere with a reasonable distance to a cell tower. I knew phones could do that, of course, but I didn’t know a tablet could, so in a few days I held one in my hand. The 4G Kindle Fire takes a little time to get used to, at least for me, but once I have it figured out I should be able to do just about anything with it.

At work, I looked for some vocabulary curriculum that I could use with my high school students, and came across a reading comprehension sheet from Read Theory, LLC. The paper didn’t have a title or a mention of the author who wrote it, but it was about books becoming relics, and how e-readers are superior. Obviously it was a persuasion essay, and I’m not here to tell you to throw away your books. I will always love an actual book I can hold in my hand, too.

I have heard several of the author’s arguments before, but one thing really opened my eyes. E-books are environmentally friendly. Of course they are, I have no argument with that. Further he/she stated how many trees it took to print a book.

80,000 pieces of paper in a tree.

If your book is 300 pages long, printed 1000 times, it will take 4 trees.

If your book is a bestseller, selling 20,000 copies a week, it will take over 300 trees per month.

If you are J.K Rowling, with the Harry Potter series, you have sold 450 million copies and have used 2 million trees to print your books.

So, here is another reason to buy E-books. I, personally, love trees and am rethinking the value of a book held in my hand.

4 thoughts on “Another Reason To Buy An E-book”

  1. I read a review the other day that was so biased, it was hard to read. But I think it’s important to hear both sides, which I think this post does. It’s a good read. Later.

  2. I live in the south and they grow trees for pulp wood, this would take care of your guilt trip about a tree.. I for one have every Harry Potter book–hard copy and paperback. I do not like ‘e books’!!!!! I can not share them with friends. I can not get that new book ‘smell’. B A M & Barns and Noble have their own smell, books and coffee. I have a thrill of picking up a book and knowing that no one else has read it , ” I am the first”. I had a nook and took it back when I found out that the ‘used book’ store was cheaper than e books. I have one of your paper books and was wanting more when I found your sight and found out that you only have e books.. In the future when readers are better and you can share books I will get one in the mean time, I will be e bookless. The next time you are enjoying a bon fire with the kids, hot dogs and somemores..thank a dead tree…..

  3. Thanks for commenting Betty! Of my books these three are in PRINT and ebook formats: Maya’s Gold, A Place to Land, and Wanting Moore. My last book, however, is only in ebook format so far and that one is called A Haunting in Trillium Falls. I must say I went camping twice this month and felt it was not the place for an ereader, but a place for a print book. Also, ereaders run out of battery life out in the wood and a print book does not! Thanks, Mary

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