4 1/2 Star Review From Night Owl Romance

A Place To LandMary Vine has a knack for combining suspense with romance. When Ulianne arrives in a small Eastern Oregon town to interview ranchers, hunters, environmentalists and Native Americans about the impact of wolves migrating into the area from Idaho, she thought the worst case scenario was having a bunch of doors slammed in her face. Unfortunately, she didn’t consider that her writing job with a glossy tabloid would put her life in danger. She also didn’t anticipate having to question what she plans to do with her life or how she fits that life into her Russian immigrant family. She’s always thought that it was her responsibility to bring her family into their new life and to help them financially. Falling in love with the handsome cowboy, Jackson Holt, complicates everything she’s ever thought her life was about.

I loved watching Uli stretching and learning and becoming her own person separate from her family. It was interesting to see Jackson’s frustration as he struggled to not only let Uli grow and change, but hope that he was figuring into her rapidly developing goals for her future. The one thing that would have made this story even more enjoyable would have been a little more steam with the romantic scenes. Vine skimps a little on drawing this out with juicy details.

“A Place to Land” lands well in the beautiful scenery of Eastern Oregon as well as in the heart of the reader.