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I Recommend COUNTING BLESSINGS by Carol Peterson

Counting BlessingsThis early counting book introduces children (ages 1-3) to numbers 1-10 and links them to God’s creations and the concept of blessings. I read this book and then decided to take it with me to the 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school class I subbed in. Yes, they may be a little old for the book, but it still provided a good reason to talk about why counting your blessings was such a good thing – and as a discussion point, to ask the children why the Bible tells us to count our blessings.
I told them to pay special attention to each numbered blessing so they could tell/remind me when we counted them over again. One girl noted that each number rhymes with the blessing. We also took note of the nice, professional art on each page.
Went over well – and I will count my blessings, too.